March 11, 2007

Paint Test

I had mentioned in an earlier post that the perks of having a red R2 unit is the paint. Because I don't have to match every other R2-D2 unit out there, I have some freedom as to what I can use for painting.

For the Crimson, I used a style similar to Kelly Krider's R2 Blue. This is a multi-layer effect:

Duplicolor Sandable Primer (dark shade at Autozone)
2 Coats of Krylon Burgundy
3 Coats of Duplicolor Anodized Red
(Auto Zone)
3 Coats of Rustoleum Clear Coat

In person, the crimson almost looks a bit too dark, but it photographs very well. In pictures and in most light, this looks amazing. In dark places, this paint acts much like R2 blue; it can be very dark.

For the white, I used the Rustoleum Satin White #7791. I believe this is what Mike Senna uses.

Next up is aluminum tests. I bought an off-the-shelf product at Lowes that etches the metal and preps it for painting. Pics of that as I get them.