May 7, 2007

300mm Dome - Part Three

The next thing to do once you have removed the panels is to remove the laser cutting slag that is stuck to the back side of the dome and panels. The easiest way to do that is with the edge of a chisel. To better explain this, Daren made a quick video that you can find here.

It really isn't hard at all, just takes some time. When you try to remove the slag from the bottom ring, be extra careful. This is the thinnest part of the whole dome and will require just a little extra care. Just remember to properly support the dome and don't force the issue. Lightly hold the chisel and it will all come off.

This process will leave piles of aluminum dust all over the place, so be sure to put something down on your workplace to make clean up simpler. Also, break out the industrial soap because your hands will look like the tin man when you are done.

It is helpful to take a break once you think you are done and go back to it again. You will find that you missed a few areas that might need a little cleaning up.

Once you have removed the panes and slag, place all of the pieces in bags and save them for later. They will still be painted and placed back on the dome.

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