August 14, 2007

Bonding Those Skins

This morning I felt like I finally got somewhere on my aluminum skins. Having already chiseled out the interior pieces and sawing off the layer pieces, it was time to file down all the little tabs. These only take a few swipes to get rid of. The only challenge is making sure you don't bend the pieces too far out of shape. You will never be able to keep them perfectly shaped, but don't go rambo on the tabs either.

Next was boding the two largest sections together. To do this, I put some JB weld on more substantial areas of the skins. I wanted these places to really hold tight. On all of the small areas that are so hard to JB weld quickly and cleanly, I simply used my Supper 77 spray. Working quickly, I put the JB weld on, then sprayed the inside of the outer layer with the adhesive. Working very quickly at this point, I clamped the left and right edges in place. Once that was done, I quickly clamped any areas that were showing gaps. The remaining clamps were placed randomly around the skins. Be sure to watch the bottom part; that is where I noticed the final gaps.

Now I wait. Once I think they have cured, I will wait some more. In the mean time, I painted the piece of the skins that surrounds the center vents red.