August 10, 2007

Slap a Little Paint on It... But Test it First!

Right before I left in June, I had finished the horse shoes and took one down to test the paint. I got back to find the shoe right where I had left it. After two months, the paint was plenty dry and it didn't look too bad. I used a Satin white, which does take a while longer to set up. Two months? No, but longer than the red I will be using. I was concerned how the wood filler and Bondo would look once painted. All of those layers have to be filled rather carefully to make it look like metal. There are certainly a few imperfections, but you really have to get close and look. If anyone ever notices, I'll give them a prize: they can help me weather it to cover it up.

Also tested some silver but I don't like the way it came out. It has too much metal flake so I will be looking for something else. This is a really good example of why you should test your paint on a test piece or a small part before painting everything you own. The silver looked fine on a piece of wood when I first tested it. Only when I got it on a real resin part and sat it next to the white did it really look bad. Off to the R2 Builder's group to see what people recommend to make these resin parts look like they are solid aluminum...