February 12, 2008

The Clone Wars R2-D2

The Clone Wars cartoon will be here in August and perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of Lucas Animation's premier cartoon is the highly stylized 3-D animation. When I was at Celebration IV where supervising director Dave Filoni introduced the first audience to The Clone Wars, we learned that the animation was a sort of bridge between the previous Clone Wars cartoon and real-life video. Many of the main characters are highly stylized and have strong, angular features.

But how does this animation style work for out three-legged friends? Here are a few screen shots from the very end of the latest video posted on StarWars.com. Again, we see plenty of angles; particularly in the radar eye and utility arms. We also see that many of R2's features are simplified, especially areas like panels and skins details.

As the series theatrical release draws near, we will surely see more of 3-D animated R2.