December 31, 2010

First Sign of Successful Droid Building - Reading Comprehension

It never fails. Everytime I open up a parts run for the R2 Builders Club, I get emails that make no sense.

The first kind is people asking when the run will start – right after I announce the run is open. Before a run starts, I get a handful of emails each week asking when the next run will be. I try my best to respond or point people to a thread where I have posted my tentative plans. These are pretty harmless requests because people are just excited to get started building. The emails that really bother me are the ones asking when the next run will start…. AFTER I’ve announced that the run has already started. I typically post the announcement in multiple places and the threads take off with activity, so they are never hard to find. Despite these seemingly obvious announcement, immediately after the run has begun I get a flood of emails asking when the run will be. I’m not talking one or two emails here – I’m talking about dozens over the course of the run. Its as if these people have a sixth sense that the run is stirring, but they just didn’t take the time to look in all the obvious places.

The second kind is questions that have already been answered. No matter how many times I announce that we do no recut domes, people will still email, PM, or post the question. If I say the price is $XX, people will always email asking what the price is. If I post the paypal adddress to send payment to, people still ask who they need to pay. Maybe its just people getting excited, but these questions do tend to wear on me.

If you want to be a successful R2 Builder, the #1 thing you must do is practice your reading comprehension. Take the time to read, read, read. It will make your life – and the parts supplier’s life – much easier.

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