January 16, 2011

Star Wars Picking at the Indy 1500 Gun Show

I spent a little time at the Indianapolis 1500 Gun Show this weekend. The show is the largest in Indiana - and possibly the largest east of the Mississippi. The great thing about these shows is the vast number of Star Wars related items that pop up there. Although pictures aren't allowed, I did take some notes about some of the items I saw.

I ran into a couple of Starling submachine guns - the same guns that were the base for Stormtrooper blasters. One of which was a new manufacture complete with a law-abiding 16 inch barrel. This one was unique because both the barrel and shroud were oversized. This, unfortunately, would likely not make this new production gun a candidate for E-11 conversion.

Similar to the Sterling, there were a few MG34s and MG42 machine guns as used by the Sandtroopers and choice Bountyhunters. Unfortunately, the $20K+ price tag took me out of the running.

There was one Navy talker helmet, used as the base for both Rebel and Imperial helmets. The finish was rough and no price listed- although there was a sign that it cost $10 to try on any helmet at this booth.

I did not see any grenade handles used to make lightsabers.

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