October 19, 2011

Did George Lucas Foretell Social Gaming?

I came across a Wall Street Journal interview from March 21, 1994 with George Lucas.  In it, he talks about the future of technology:
"I think view-on-demand games will take off pretty quickly.  It's a little bit problematical about how it's going to work, but it seems obvious that home delivery of games is a natural, because it's a digital medium that you're dealing with.  Interactive games that involve more than one player -- I call them "party-line games" -- will be popular.  You're playing with two or three other people at the same time at various places over the phone."
 With games like Farmville and Cityville taking social gaming right into the homes of the mass population via Facebook, I have to give it to Mr. Lucas - he might have been 1.5 decades too early, but he called it.

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