January 8, 2012

Missing Astromech.net today? Check this out...

For all the R2 Builders out there, Astromech.net is down for some fixes today, so here are a few things to keep you busy while you wait for it to come back online.

http://www.artoo-detoo.net/ Chris Jame's site is a perennial favorite.  Great resources that all builders should see.

http://vfranco.blogspot.com/ Victor's building blog is the best of the best of R2 blogs.  But you already know that!

http://mcmaster.com/ If you are like me, you are going to need some hardware soon.  Go ahead and order it while you wait.

https://www.facebook.com/ColeAHorton Friend me on Facebook and find fellow R2 Builders and Star Wars Fans.

http://twitter.com/colehorton If you have any time left after using the other links, there must be nothing better going on.  Go ahead and follow me on twitter.

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