January 28, 2007

Center Leg Glued

Despite homework and a Stormtrooper photo shoot for the Indiana Daily Student, today was somewhat productive. Following Matthew Henricks' instructions, I glued the center leg. This is the practice run for the larger outside legs.
I first cut the dowels with my dremel and sanded the ends where they were uneven. I didn't have a mallet to force them into the holes, so I slightly sanded them down the sides so they would fit into the pre-drilled holes. I tested fitted the four pieces, removed them, and then placed them on again with wood glue between each layer.

Be sure to have a wet rag nearby to wipe up any excess glue, and have clamps to hold them tight. The piece will now sit over night to fully bond.

Overall, this went together with no problems. It is a great confidence builder for the rest of the legs.