February 18, 2007

Leg Work and R2 Wears a Skirt

Not much in the way of building this week, but big step were taken to getting parts. I glued up some of the lower pieces of the legs so that when I glue them completely together they will be less unwieldy. Next time I go home, I will be making some holes in the legs to attatch four 1/4" threaded rods for attaching the legs to the frame.

I did manage to spend a lot of money this week. First up is an awesome aluminum skirt piece from Jerry Greene. It just wouldn't be a droid without some JAG parts. I should have it by April.

Next were a ton of Resin parts. These were ordered from Keith at Resinparts.com All of these plastic pieces will nearly comlete the details on my droid. These will arrive in about two weeks.

Total so far...
Jerry Greene Aluminum Skirt - $200
Keith's Resin Details - $543
Total to Date - $1683