March 9, 2007

Aluminum Skins Arrive

A package notification slip has never looked so cool in the mailbox. My aluminum skins ordered from John Sherrell in January came in yesterday. Now that I'm home, I had a chance to take some pictures.
These are laser cut skins with all of the detail in them. I will have to cut the back side so that it fits on the A&A frame door.

I need to do my homework on how to finish these bad boys, but I do know one thing: JB Weld is my latest friend/nemesis.

I'm heading to the hardware store tonight to get hardware for the frame, paint, and silicone for gluing. Also gonna pick up some parts to attatch the legs to the frame and build the stand in feet. I would really like to roll this thing back into the dorm rather than carry it out in pieces.

On a side note, maybe it would be easier just to steal a mailbox from the post office.