May 11, 2007

300mm Dome - Part Four

The next step is cutting the inner dome. First, you must trace the lines that need to be cut. To do this place the outer dome on the inner and check your spacing.

Unlike other domes, no sanding should be needed. Because of the tooling/spinning process, these things fit together almost perfectly right off the bat. The days of cutting the inner dome are done, instead I just tried rotating the outer dome until I found a place where it fit most perfectly. Once that was done, I checked the spacing on the bottom edge. There is a small ring that runs along the bottom of the dome: this is scrap. Simply turn the dome and make sure this is even all the way around. Once that is done, sharpen your pencil and prepare to trace.

First, I traced the top circle. Then, I went down and traced the HP holes. I then had to go back and tape some of the PSI panels back to where they belong. I also used the cut-out pie panels to create a pattern. By placing the panel along the far edge, it gives me enough of a ledge for the panel to sit on.

Once this is done, get out the drill. An easy, but time-consuming, way to cut out the holes and panels is to drill lots of tiny holes all the way around the inside perimeter of the lines you have drawn. Once you do that, break out the file (half fround will do the job) and start finishing what is left. You can get as details as you want, but know that you will be filing off a significant amount of material at this point. If you have a mask, use it! The tiny aluminum particles aren't good for ya, so safety first.