May 7, 2007

300mm Dome - Part Two

The next step for the dome is removing the panels and laser slag.
To remove the panels, you will need a few tools.
-Small Saw Blade
-Side Cutters (optional)

First, go around the dome and label all of the panels that will be removed. Just grab the nearest sharpie and label the panels on the inside. I worked in a counter clockwise fashion starting to the right of the front HP.
I also made an image of the dome that I printed and labeled with the corresponding numbers.

The easiest way for me to remove the panels was to first use the side cutters and take a small bite out of the tab. This allowed me to spray a little wd-40 on the saw blade and then use that to finish cutting through. On the pie panels, I found that if you cut the bottom right tab first, the other two can just be twisted off if you have used the side cutting pliers on them. Be careful as you go around not to force the blade or hold it too tightly. Just keep adjusting your angle until you find a place where the saw blade moves easily. If you try to force it (I'm talking a lot of force), you could bend the dome.
Next, it is time to file off the tabs that remain on the loose panels and the dome. To do this just use a metal file and carefully work them off. When the tab is filed almost all the way down, work the file along the whole side of the panel to give it a nice even look. Do this for both the panels and the dome. When you are working with the dome itself, take your time and be careful not to bend any of the hollow parts.

Next up is removing the slag from the laser cutting process...

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