February 7, 2008

300mm Dome Tutorial v2.0

The latest batch of domes are at the laser cutter and many builders will soon be getting started on this very important part of their droid. I have reworked the old tutorial to clear up some points, added a few pages, and included some new pictures. You can download the tutorial here.

The tutorial is now 15 pages long. All of the extra unimportant photos and tips have been integrated into the rest of the tutorial or replaced with better information.

When you start working on your dome, I urge you to read the entire tutorial before you get started. As with all parts, you want to be thinking ahead as you start building. The tutorial will guide you through basic dome assembly, but you will have to think for yourself when it comes to any special features you might add. Also remember that the techniques described in the tutorial are my favorites, but there are certainly other ways to get the job done. There is no 'right' way to build a droid!

I have to thank Daren Murrer for walking me through the entire process, Chris James for his awesome page and photos, and Jerry Chevalier for letting me help out on the Dallas Children's Hospital droid & providing the test dome for the tutorial.

If you have any questions, shoot me an email or post them up on the Astromech.net forums (when the site relaunches).

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