February 10, 2008

Ordered Styrene for Scratchbuilding

I recently ordered some plastic so that I can build the few remaining parts I need to complete the droid. I already have (or have ordered) all of the major components. I have a 300mm Dome, A&A frame, Matthew Henricks wood legs, Krider budget aluminum outer feet, JAG steel center foot and skirt, Keiths resin parts, and Ryan's aluminum battery boxes. I only need a few more smaller cosmetic pieces to round out the remainder of the build.

I could order many of these pieces in aluminum, but the prices are rather high. They certainly look amazing, but I need to cut some corners to stay on budget. Of course, the only way to get something really cheap (usually) is to build it yourself. I have decided to build all of my parts out of styrene. Styrene is an inexpensive, easy to work with plastic that can be ordered from many sources. Some people recommend buying from local plastics suppliers or a local sign shop.

I chose to get my styrene from an online retailer. I ordered from www.indplastic.com. They are located in Anaheim, California and the transaction was very easy. I ended up ordering 4 pieces of .080" white styrene and 8 pieces of .040" white. The .04 will be used most, because many of the parts I plan to build require this thickness. The prices were reasonable and the shipping was quick. If you need some plastic, I would recommend Industrial Plastic Supply Inc.

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