March 17, 2008

Battery Boxes Arrive

Here's the first of tons of updates! Last week was spring break, and I had seven days to devote to wedding plans and R2 building. The first thing I found when I walked into the droid workshop was a nice big box from Ohio. Just as ordered, I found my aluminum battery boxes from Ryan Huffman. Back when the run opened, Ryan said these things were tough; and thats an understatement. The battery boxes are solid, well made, and well worth the funds. Just a little bondo will be needed to smooth the surface, then they are ready to paint and go on the droid.

I highly recommend working with Ryan. Communication was great, and he was always looking out for the people in the run. Delivery was as speedy as can be considering the work that went into these and the way shops work with club parts.

Once I get the feet motors I can start putting the feet together and get these battery boxes attached. This was the last big cosmetic piece I need for my droid.