January 25, 2009

Start of the second droid!

If you've been following the boards at the official club website, you might have noticed that I've begun work on my second droid.  This time, I plan on making an R2-Q2 seen in A New Hope rolling through the halls of the blockade runner.  This droid will be almost entirely made of styrene and resin and will only be a static 2 leg model.  I plan to take this one to conventions to leave at the table while the fully R/C droids roam around.  

I picked this droid because I've always like the way it looks.  He's the second R2 unit you see in Star Wars (behind R2-D2) and is an imperial droid.  I have posted pictures in my gallery.

While I'm posting, I might as well apologize for a lack of posts here.  Now that we have the all new Astromech.net, I really have been trying to post as much information as possible there.  As someone who has built a droid for much of the time without the new club website, I know how difficult it is to track down information to build an R2.  Now that the new Astro is up and running, I see no reason why people should have to track down 30 blogs, 10 websites, 2 yahoo groups and a forum just to keep up.  Droid building should be about building, not about tracking down hundreds of disjointed websites or digging through broken, convoluted yahoo group posts.  I am making a consistent effort to put my energies and knowledge in one centralized place.  Astromech has all the features you need; now all it needs are the people to put as much droid building information there as possible.  

If you are a new builder, I urge you to post your progress on the new Astromech.net.  Post lots of pictures in the gallery, place yourself on the builders map, and be part of the solution that makes this hobby easier and more enjoyable.  Even though I put a lot of time and effort into my blog, the droid building community is better served by a more centralized source for information.