January 21, 2011

Best of Astromech.net: January 21, 2011

After a downright embarrassing week of nonsense on the Yahoo! group, I'm really happy to see tons of droid building and great community building going on at the official club website.  Following up on last Friday's feature, here are some of my favorite posts from Astromech.net this week:

Holy $@!% fiber optics are expensive.  GreyJawa notices how pricey fiber optic can be, but luckily some experienced members are there to offer some work arounds.  Check out TinyP's great pics of how he created his amazing - or downright beautiful - fiber optic logics.

IrishJedi's Finished Laser Cut Styrene Dome Check out some pics of Carl's excellent styrene dome.  He turned a couple of pieces of laser chopped plastic into a work of art.  Now with more snow!

Paul Makes the front cover of his work newsletter.  Happiness really does come in a can!

Upcoming Club Activities There are numerous events around the country to see other Builders and droids!  You will learn more in a day from talking with another builder than you will from months of reading.

If you find this feature helpful, drop me a comment, post online, and tell your friends!  If you found a topic noteworthy, let me know!

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