January 8, 2011

My 4 Year Droid Building Anniversary

Four years ago I ordered my fist part! Every year, I take some time to reflect on the previous year in droid building. The past 12 months have been full of droid-building and Star Wars fun.

In 2010 I completed a number of projects.
The first being the creation of the first ever full size vacuformed mouse shell. I was really surprised that after all these years, the mouse droid builders were still using undersized shells. This was done for various reasons, one of which was that many people didn't have thermoforming machines that were large enough. What surprised me however was how complacent the community had become about it. If the R2 Builders didn't have full size droids, the club probably wouldn't exist.

The second project was massive: The full sized operational Rebel Troop Carrier.
This was what Daren and I built for the R2 Builders room at Celebration V. It took months of work - sometimes as much as 50 hours per week - to complete in time. With over 220 CNC cut pieces of plywood, simply making all the parts was exhaustive. On top of that, there were no blueprints and very few screenshots available. All of that info had to be collected and we had to create the plans as we went along. Thanks to Chris Reiff, we got all of the electrical finished; even this was a daunting task. Lights, flashers, electronic lifts, stereo and more required hand crafted electrical work.

In addition, I was also the team leader for the 501st Legion Troop-Athlon event at Celebration V. My goal was the up the quality of the event by making the course more action packed with higher quality props and displays.

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