January 21, 2012

History Repeats Itself: George Lucas' Retirement

When History is New News
The internet's reaction to this week's "news" that Star War creator George Lucas was retiring was a bit over the top.  You couldn't visit a geek forum without seeing plenty of comments.  After all, the New York Times reported that Lucas was stepping away from big blockbusters and getting into smaller films.  But this "huge story" isn't so new; history indeed repeats itself.

In a 2006 interview with TIME magazine's Richard Corliss, Lucas speaks very openly about his "retirement" and his desire to make movies that aren't blockbusters.
The area I'm interested in now is to go do some form-experimenting—to try and figure out different ways of telling movies. I grew up in the Godard, Fellini world and all that. To me that's where my heart is. But I realize that's not commercial. That's why I can say I managed to do something that everybody wants to do—all those guys wanted to do—which was to get a pile of money so I can sort of waste it, burn through it. It's like a government subsidy, which is what (the Europeans) were able to deal with. I have my own little government subsidy that I've built myself, and now I can go and do stupid things with it. I mean, I'm old enough and I'm kind of retired...

R.C. What do you mean, you're kind of retired?

G.L. In that I don't have to do Star Wars anymore. I don't have to make money any more. I can just waste it. I call it hobby filmmaking, where you just get to do what you want to do, and you don't have to worry about what anyone thinks about it.

R.C. So you're finally going to make good on your promise to do your own little movies?

G.L. Yeah, after the TV series, I'm going to do my own little movies. The stuff I'm thinking about it has to do with pushing the vocabulary in the medium. Basically, you have to accept the fact that it's going to be the land of THX (the movie), and worse.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/arts/article/0,8599,1173216,00.html#ixzz1k9Sa3R8q
In the end, I guess nothing's really changed.  Lucas finally completed his 20+ year old project in Red Tails and can finally get back to that retirement he started in 2006.

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