January 12, 2012

OVMS Show of Shows - Feb 23-26, 2012

One of the premiere Military Collectors shows is coming up next month in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Ohio Valley Military Society will hold its annual "Show of Shows" at the Kentucky Exposition Center (fairgrounds).

Show of Shows vendor shows off a flare gun fit for a
Bounty Hunter.
I found that this show by itself is an all day event - you'll find hundreds of items with Star Wars ties.  Militaria vendors from around the world converge on Louisville to sell members of the OVMS and general public all types of military collectibles.  The majority of the pieces available are from the World Wars, making it a valhalla for people like me looking for pieces that were used to make Star Wars props.

A huge bonus to this show is the unassociated but equally great "National Gun Day" that takes place in the neighboring convention hall.  These two shows together are by far the best place to find military surplus and military collectibles.  Its hard to communicate the magnitude and exapnsive collections that will be available for sale.  If you are interested in Star Wars military items this is probably the best weekend you'll find anywhere.

If you go, each show charges admission (typically $10).  As with most of these shows, if you plan to buy something, cash is king.  To see both shows, you'll want to attend Saturday (Feb 25th) or Sunday (26th).  I recommend allowing a full day to see both shows at their fullest.

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