January 19, 2012

Research Tools

When doing ongoing research for a project, I love is to keep all of my research findings in one place where I can reference them on the go.  Usually it's just thought-starters and ideas to further explorer short quotes.  Later I'll type them up and organize the various images to support the text.

Here are my secret tools for successful research:

Moleskine Notebooks - Preferably the Star Wars Versions.  I have filled one of these already and am almost done with the second. The Star Wars versions are limited edition, so I picked up multiple for the future. I also keep a small one in my jacket pocket for ideas on the road (like when listening to an audio book in the car).  The big ones can be found at retail for about $20 - and much less online.

Retro 51 Pens - I have two of these Retro 51 pens and absolutely love 'em.  I have them in Red and Stainless.  I keep a few Retro 51 refills on hand in both blue and black ink.

Messenger Bag - This simple black bag doubles as my transmitter bag for R2 events as well.  Daren and I both have one to hide our controllers and tools in.  It can hold my 15 inch computer and multiple notebooks.  It has four side pockets and one internal zipping pocket.  It's beauty is it's simplicity.  You can also easily sew patches to it.  BONUS FEATURE: This bag (in black) was used in the BSG spinoff Caprica!

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