July 15, 2012

Astromech.net Hits New Milestone. Now more than 90% of R2 Builder's Discussion

It's not secret that I had been the proponent of the R2 Builders Club having a discussion forum to supplement (oh hell, replace) the R2 Builders Yahoo! group that had been used since the late 90's.  As a new person, I realized very quickly that a real forum offered endless benefits to new members and the people who were actually building droids.  An email list was mostly helpful to established members and bystanders.
When Astromech.net (the official club website) re-launched in April of 2008 with a forum, I started tracking the discussion because some members claimed that the R2 Builders Club was "getting quiet" and becoming less active.  With the data in hand, I actually proved that the club was more active than it had ever been thanks to a growing forum!
Over time, I've continued monthly tracking of the activity on both the Forum and the Yahoo! group.  Back in February of 2009, Astromech.net hit a major milestone: it outpaced the Yahoo! group for the first time and continued to do so every month since.  In March of 2011, Astromech.net came back from a server transfer and it's traffic spiked yet again.  Since that time, the forum made up more than 80% of the club's post activity.
Now, in July of 2012, Astromech.net hit another milestone.  The discussion forum name makes up more than 91% of the club's discussion.  Hats off to all the members and all of the great folks behind the scenes who make the club and official website what it is.

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