July 18, 2012

Cat Staggs' Celebration VI Propaganda Art Print Revealed

Saving one of the best for last, StarWars.com released the preview of Cat Staggs' latest in a long series of propaganda-themed art prints.

Cat Staggs' Star Wars Celebration VI Art Print
The CVI print is a great mix of many actual WWII propaganda posters. This late-war American poster, made to promote the continued sale of war bonds also features the headline "Let 'em have it."  

Here again we see the same tag line in this Navy poster.  In this poster, a naval crew is preparing to launch a depth charge to sink an enemy submarine.  If you aren't familiar with depth charges, think giant barrels with a timed explosive set to go off underwater and rattle a submarine apart.  They aren't too dissimilar from the sonic charges that Jango Fett attempted to use on Obi-Wan's Jedi Starfighter in Star Wars Episode II.  

I especially love the copy at the bottom of Cat's poster urging readers to "do their part."  A constant theme of home front propaganda, it's unique to the Second World War and the requirements of a "total war" where virtually all people and all industry sacrifices for the war effort.  

If you want to get the Celebration VI art print, they will be available for pre-order and pickup at Star Wars Celebration VI in Orlando, FL.  Edition size and price for Cat's print are still TBD according to StarWars.com.  

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