August 10, 2012

Helmet Binoculars, Circa 1942

Tired of fumbling with your binoculars on the battle field?  Want an easier way to spot the enemy while keeping your hands free?  For a Star Wars Clone Trooper, seeing further is often as easy as lowering your visor.

According to a 1942 Popular Mechanics article, a similar device was invented for use during the second world war.  Compared to the Clone version though, this 40's invention just falls short.

An excerpt from the article:
To hold field glasses at eye level while leaving hands free for other tasks an inventor has brought out a semi-helmet, consisting of metal straps fitting over the head, an extension to support the glasses, and a chin strap.  It is adjustable by wing nuts. The inventor believes the mount would be of value to mil arty operations.  

Unfortunately for the inventor, the military never found this of value.  Maybe it was the metal extension pushing into the wearer's chest?

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