May 18, 2007

300mm Dome - Part Five

After cutting and filing all of those panels out, you will either want to stop building forever or feel great about your accomplishments. If the later is true, its time to move on to mounting the holoprojectors. To do this, grab your drill, countersinking bits and some hardware. I went to Lowes and picked up some 4-40 x 3/4 flat machine screws. These are found in the drawers and come in packs of 5. You will need three for each HP. Don't forget to get the 4-40 hex nuts to go with them.

The next thing is to grab the ring from a holoprojector. If you have some of the newer aluminum HPs, they have holes pre-drilled for the screws. If not, you will have to drill a few yourself. Really, you only need three holes. Especially on the top HP, if you have the fourth hole drilled, it will show through in the gap between the panel and dome.

Take the ring and place it through the hole for the HP you made on the inner dome. Use a pencil or marker and mark the three holes you plan to drill. Then, remove the ring and drill a small guide hole through from the inside. Once that is done, take a countersinking bit and drill countersinks on the outside of the inner dome. This will allow the screws to sit flush on the inner dome and be covered up when you put the outer dome back on.

Remember to double check where your holes will be before you drill them. Around the top holoprojector, if you drill a hole on the top side it will show through. Not a big deal, but easily avoided.