May 22, 2007

CIV -Tuesday

We finally arrived in LA and its already been a great time! The flights were painless and rather uneventful. When you arrive in LA, I highly recommend using the Super Shuttle. They are literally parked right out side the airport terminal, so just pick up your luggage and either get in if you made a reservation online or talk to the Super Shuttle rep standing curbside. It took about 30 minutes to get from the airport to the Holiday Inn.

After that, we ate at the Liberty Grill. Good food, cold beer, and all that sorts of stuff. Typical LA pricing, but thats expected. The meals are big, so you might be able to split a dinner with someone and save some cash.

After that, I thought we would go wait in line, but much to my surprise... there was no line! I got my badge and other missing items painlessly. There are plenty of tables and lots of friendly staff. I never thought a celebration would run so smoothly.

I have already met a few people too! George Luck is here in my hotel and also got to talk to Sebastien of the SW Endirect radio show. We've only been here a while and things are shaping up nicely. I have posted the first batch of pictures at my album.