August 27, 2007

Keeping your Email and Yahoo Messages Separate in G-Mail

There is steady stream of people commenting on how they have trouble with the way messages are presented in the Yahoo group, which is the main method of communication for nearly all Astromech builders. While an official forum mandated by the council is long over due, it looks like that is out of the question. In order to handle the messages and attachments coming from the group, I use my main G-Mail account with some special tweaks to keep it all organized.

I had formerly just received the messages in digest form, but this does not save the attachments that some members post. If you already use G-Mail for daily mail, you can keep your normal email and all your group messages separate. Here is the to do it:

First, edit your membership in the yahoo group to receive individual emails. Then, go to your gmail account and click the drop down menu next to the Delete button. You want to Create a New Label. Name this label R2 Builders. Next, go to your Gmail account and click "Create a filter" at the top of the page. Next, go to the field called "Subject:" and type [r2builders] then type the same thing into the field "Has the words:"

Once you have done that, go to the next page check the boxes for "Skip the Inbox (Archive it)" and "Apply the label:" In the drop down menu next to that box, choose the label you created called R2 Builders.
Basically, you have told your G-Mail account to automatically take all emails from the yahoo group and put them in a special folder called R2 Builders. This bypasses your normal inbox and keeps normal emails out of your R2 Builder messages. To read your Club messages, simply click the Label for R2 Builders.

If you don't use G-Mail, but need a way to keep your R2Builders messages in order, I would sign up for an account today. It threads the topics out for you and is recommended by many members. Accounts are free and have tons of space so you will never have to delete any messages. They can be found at