December 22, 2007

R2-D1 Dome Complete - For Now

Back when I was first investigating droid building, I had originally thought that maybe I would only build a dome.  As I did my research, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to build the whole thing.  Seeing photos of completed droids at events, interacting with crowds, and making sounds just like the R2 I remeber from the movies made me a true believer:  I had to complete the whole thing.  Over the last couple of days, I got much closer to my original goal of building just a dome.  This is actually the third dome I've at least partially built:  two for other builders and finally one for me.  I had even written the dome tutorial, but hadn't had a chance to actually complete my own.  

So here it is, my R2-D1 dome a.k.a. IU-D2.  I still need to add plenty of stuff.  Next up, I will try to add some lights to give the dome a little life.