July 12, 2012

Look! I'm in print!

Giving interviews is a bit like riding a bike.  Those first few interviews are as awkward as they are exciting.  Over time, you get your balance and know what potholes to expect.  And although it had been a while since I had given an interview (the last was back in May of '11 during the launch of Versaries), those old tricks came back to me.  

A few weeks back, I did an interview about the local chapter of the 501st Legion for the Indianapolis Star.  It recently went to print and the entire article is available on the Indy Star website.  The article gives a nice overview of the Indiana Star Wars costuming groups.  

Its always fun giving interviews - and always interesting what actually makes it into the article.  Part of the fun is trying to guess what angle the journalist will take and what part of the interview will be used. It's not uncommon that a 30 minute conversation turns into a one line quote.  

One piece of advice for my fellow 501st Legion PR officers or other Star Wars fans approached by the media: keep your answers bite-sized and approachable.  So when a journalist asks you who your favorite Star Wars character is, I would suggest R2-D2 rather than Ben Quadinaros. No offense Ben.

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