January 6, 2007

Every Saga Has a Begining...

So it begins. After a few months of doing my research, I have finally decided to dive head-first into the wonderful world of Astromech building.

Stormtroopers are fun, but few things are as cool as a droid. Over Christmas break, I took a look at my Star Wars collection. Much of it was Imperial in nature, but a close second was R2-D2. Some of you may remember when I used the online handle TC-517 on TheForce.net. It only makes sense that I get back to my roots: robots.

In the coming posts, I will keep you updated as I order parts and begin assembling my droid. I will post a running list of how much the each individual part costs and where my total is. I'm not much of a craftsman, and much of this droid will be assembled in a dorm room... but where there's a will, there's a way.


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Mike-El said...

Droids man, droids!

Robots make cars in Japan.