January 7, 2007

IU who?

If you are stopping by for the first time, you may be asking yourself, what is an "IU-D2?" There was no such name in the Star Wars movies, but there was a Crimson and Cream astromech. The simple answer is this: its the natural counterpart to my online 'persona' so to speak. For a while now I have turned to using the name HoosierTrooper in a number of fan communities. Be it my two FanForces, the 501st Legion, or even World War II reenacting, this is the name that best sums me up.
I am a student at Indiana University, and a rabid one at that. School spirit is kinda a big deal, its the reason I help recruit for the admissions office here. I've had the armor out to a few games, and its been a hit. So why not a Crimson and Cream R2 unit to match?

On the technical side, a Red and White droid is much easier to paint. If I do attempt to paint this thing from school, trying to do the more complicated R2 Blue will cause nothing but problems. I guess you could say it is a convenient cop-out.