January 8, 2007

Its Away!

I sent payment for my first parts tonight. First up are the wooden legs, ankles, and shoulders from Matthew Henricks. This furniture grade leg kit includes all parts to make the basic structure for all three legs, both shoulders and a few other difficult tidbits. I was lucky to pick up an extra set he had. This last kit has the center laminate pieces replaced with less expensive Home Depot plywood. This will require a little bondo to finish, but cuts the cost to $365.
Matthew's communication has been excellent, and I can't wait to see the parts.
Next is the frame kit from Alex and Andy (A&A). I have heard nothing but good things about these laser cut PVC kits. While I was there, I ordered some PSI lenses for the dome. The parts should ship in the next few weeks.

So how much does it run?
  • A&A Frame with Roclear Gear Set - $265
  • A&A PSI Lenses - $5
  • Henricks CNC Wood Legs - $365
  • Total Price so far - $635