March 12, 2007

A Firm Foundation

The Frame is nearly done, so next up are the legs. I was recommended to use 4 threaded rods that run from one leg to the other since I won't be using the satelite motors or other 3-2-3 leg mechanics.
First, I had to cut 1/2" holes in the inner part of the legs to connect the rods. To do this perfectly, I used the extra JAG stop and other PVC leftovers to make a guide for the holes. I then lined it up on the leg, marked, and drilled.

For this, clamps are your friend. You don't want the guide to move when you are using the drill press. Once the one leg was cut, I lined it up with the opposite leg, clamped, and drilled. The two now match perfectly and sit well on the frame.

I have four 1/2" rods that will run through the middle. These will be conncect with coupling bolts to three inch bolts on the legs. That way, I can remove the legs without removing the hubs, horseshoes, etc.