June 12, 2007

JAG Center Foot Arrives

While away at the convention, a box came in the mail. Its the JAG Steel Center foot produced by Jerry Greene. Not only did I get to meet Jerry at the con, but I had one of his parts waiting when I got back.

There are few R2 units that have not featured a JAG part. This center foot (when teamed with the aluminum skirt) will really round out the droid well.

Since I just moved back to Bloomington and will be unable to work on the steel foot, I wiped the foot with some WD-40 and sealed it up tight in the plastic back that it shipped in. This should keep it from rusting until I get a chance to prep and prime it.

This is the first part I have purchased that will take little or no finishing to complete. It has all of the details, wholes, and finishing that I need. Just slap on some paint and add the resin details...