August 6, 2007

All moved in and ready to build

The last two months have been building purgatory. Without a place of my own and intensive summer courses, there wasn't much I could accomplish. Luckily, now that I have moved into my new apartment and classes are ending, I will be back in the swing of things very soon.

The first thing to get done is the Dome Tutorial. At this point, I am just waiting for the final review and will let it loose very soon.

In the mean time, you might have noticed that I reworked the Blog a bit. I wanted to give it a little more Star Wars feel, and get rid of the stock layout that blogger offers. Also, there is a possibility that I will be expanding into multiple droid projects, so naming this blog after just one of the droids doesn't make sense. In the future, I hope to add some new features like flash and polls. Most importantly, I will get back to updates on actually building a droid.

Thanks for the patience and happy building!