January 2, 2008

Spot Filled the Legs

Months ago, I purchased a set of wood legs from Matthew in California.  They were CNC cut, but required lots of assembling and finishing.  One of the final stages in this is filling in the smallest blemishes prior to painting.  After the legs were glued, I filled the holes with a filler to cover the deepest holes.  Bondo got most of the deep spots, but left a little more work to be done.  
To fill in the small blemishes, use a Spot filler.  It is made by Bondo, and can be found in the same isle of the auto parts store.  No mixing is necessary, just quirt the filler out of the tube.  Once the filler has dried, sand it smooth and add more as necessary.  All of the red in the picture is the spot filler.  If done correctly, you can primer the legs, paint, and they will look like smooth aluminum.