February 26, 2012

A Clone Wars Tidbit for Droid Fans

Every week, StarWars.com posts a series of slideshows for each new Episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  My favorite images come from the Trivia slideshow, which offers a deeper look and more information about elements of the episode.  Season 4 Episode 16 gives us some interesting Star Wars advertisements, including one for "Repair Rack Droid Services."  It's good to know that even droids in a galaxy far, far away need repairs from time to time!  From StarWars.com:
"Signage at the fueling station includes: Eat at Koe's, Bounty Emporium: Always Open, Bounty Never Sleeps; Security Services; Speeder Sales; The Pilot's Lounge (Live Band Every Night); Craft Repair and Maintenance; Repair Rack Droid Services; Orondia Tours; and Meteor Cafe."

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