February 14, 2012

It's Time: Book Your Star Wars Celebration Trip Now!

Perhaps this topic is redundant; after all, my Facebook and twitter feed is full of friends who are already buzzing about Star Wars Celebration VI.  For the few people who haven't committed yet, I want to remind you why now is a great time to plan your trip down to the best Star Wars party in the world!

Hotels from just $65 a night.  Thanks to the negotiated rates for the convention, you can still get a hotel for just $65 a night.  Thats about $17 a night if you split a room with friends.  Remember, the convention and the surrounding events will keep you plenty busy - you just need a simple place to stay that is relatively close-by.  I'd recommend getting a room now while there are still plenty to choose from.

You still have time to get a great deal on air fare.  A handful of months in advance is often the best time to buy airfare.  FareCompare offers valuable advice to scoring great prices on airfare, with specific advice for each major airline.  With a little bit of planing, you can get down to Orlando for a great price; maybe even cheaper than driving to another convention.

Star Wars Celebration is August 23-26 in Orlando, Florida.  Tickets are just $135 for a four day pass.

Do you have your own budget tips for getting to Celebration?  Post a comment and let us know!

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echo-3 said...

I have been direct deposit 15$ a week into saving since last July for it. That's almost 800$ wright there come August. :)